13 Stands: Our Cosmic Cowgirls Creed

Cosmic Cowgirls Creed

Inspired Revolutionaries

We do our own work, choosing to do whatever it takes
to be truly who we are now and who we are becoming


Cosmic Connectors

We have been called to gather in red thread circle,
trusting that our paths have led us to one another and this tribe


Mysterious Muses

We are feisty seekers living from a space of deep muse-led inquiry
where we gather insights and take inspired action


Intentional Creatives

We choose to consciously create through unbridled self-expression,
moving ideas and energy into form


Everyday Alchemists

We embody our capacity to cause transformation,
harnessing quantum potential through art, poetry, dance and ritual


Dangerous Thinkers

We create our own culture instead of being duped by the over-culture,
we are both pattern-makers and pattern-breakers who stand for freedom


Generous Visionaries

We transform our stories into teachings, seeking to uplift our tribe,
families, communities, beloveds, and our earth


Courageous Rebels 

We move between worlds, weaving the irreverent and the sacred,
taking our own stands powerfully while powerfully respecting the stands of others


Blazing Peacemakers

We believe in justice, safety and care for all living beings,
encouraging a global community that is spiritually and culturally diverse


Unique Individuals

We believe that each person has their own information
and their own piece of red thread to live into, that which is theirs to cause and create


Legendary Weavers

We are badass mystics and edge-walkers living in the mystery, who choose
to author our own futures and transform our own lives into legends


Radical Sovereigns

A Cosmic Cowgirl chooses her own insights and her own creed, and we are a tribe that does not require agreement in order to stand, dance and create together


Wild Hearted Women 

We are born to love! We choose to be fully self-expressed beings
who with our feet on the earth and our heads in the stars,
ride our bucking broncos in the Rodeo of the Soul!