4 Veil Lifting Inquiries

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“Be patient towards all that is unsolved in your heart
and try to love the questions themselves”.

~ Rilke ~

Dearest One,

My love and I just took an early morning walk and enjoyed the light coming into the sky, the sound of the birds, and the smell of the hopeful rain. I just walking in the early morning light – and smelling fall….

As I sat down to get a bunch of work done, I began my inquiry process that preps me for the day. Then I wrote them down for you here, perhaps you will find them useful.

These are the inquiries (and others like them) are what I live by, kind of like a code. They help me see what is just beneath the veil that will not reveal itself to me until I stop and look and listen. As well as honor the process.

They are best asked in a quiet space, perhaps with journal and tea and time. The curious thing is that the answer to all of them may end up being the same, which is why it could change and expand your life today because you receive clear insight on something that was hidden just moments before. Soul truths. Awesome right?

We can spend so much time in confusion trying to ‘figure out’ the next move, meanwhile, there are questions waiting just out the corner of your eye, asking you to pay attention, and look in a non-ordinary way at what may be hidden from view.

Inquiry is sacred and when asked with sincerity and curiosity can lead us to living in consciousness, as well as playfulness. Since inquiry expands our view, there is often joy that comes along with it, even if the questions are hard.

Inquiry makes our brain work differently – expanding access to move beyond just referencing the past…and entering the zone of what’s possible in the tenderness of the future that has yet to arrive. In other words, inquiry can bring us into the present.

When insight is received, consider taking an action, however small that moves you towards the quickening of that insight in form. If you do this, inquiry as a sacred practice will continue to result in illumination.

Further, if you just get new questions instead of directions, just know that it is bringing you in closer communication with the language of your soul. When we listen, soul will speak.

INQUIRY is one of the CORE guiding insights of the Cosmic Cowgirls community. It is the place we live from.

With love,

Shiloh Sophia

Chief Laughing Cloud

Author: Shiloh Sophia McCloud

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