Our Story

myhonkeytonkangelswebThere was a time when our grandmother’s gathered around the fire and told stories and shared their common truths and wisdom.  We believe that the stories they told and the future they called into being was the seed for our tribe, Cosmic Cowgirls, in the making for many thousands of years. A tribe that would be choose themselves and each other regardless of tradition, education, spirituality or background. What was common amongst us was a sense of both the sacred and the wild. We are women who walk between the two worlds and find ourselves quite comfortable navigating the dimensions to mine for our truths.

In essence we have created a culture in which women’s voices, truths, stories, images and ideas are able to be excavated, explored and expanded.

Cosmic Cowgirls are women who are defining their own culture and way of being in the world. We have stepped out from under the over-culture and decided to be at cause for our own revolution through self expression. We know this world is a rodeo of the soul and we consciously choose to live in both worlds, celebrating and integrating our wild and sacred natures. We don’t play by the rules, we make them up as we go along.

It is high time for a circle of women willing to be who they are, uniquely, but together, we are the legend weavers of our stories. Creating our lives, and of the future of our people and our planet. Let us begin where all things begin, with our own stories connected to the red threads that weave our legends together.

~ Shiloh Sophia, aka Chief Laughing Cloud


Jumpin Jenafer Joy, Stella Mac, Chief Laughing Cloud – photo by Gina Fong

“Around Cosmic Cowgirls we love squeezing ourselves right in between reverence and irreverence. In our courses you’re as likely to be instructed to take a shot of tequila to loosen up that next painting step as you are to hear you should light a candle and journal. Because – serious warning – the muse really does NOT like rigid rules. She loves to dismantle and undermine where you haven’t been paying attention. And we at Cosmic Cowgirls first and foremost do trade in museness. Which means in the land of raw food green smoothies we also do trade in tequila/latte/cupcake taboo-ness.”

Jumpin Jenafer Joy

A movement based in a tribe of women has many moving parts that evolve over time as we evolve. The Cosmic Cowgirls model of working together is dynamic, evolutionary and revolutionary and often subject to the Muse. Which means, as our inspiration changes, our company changes. The direction moves where our heart longs to go.

In our conversation and education, our primary content themes are personal revolution, intentional creativity, unbridled self expression, red threads of connections and creating our own legend. We work with women and girls worldwide to transform their experiences of themselves and their stories through working with image and word.

We work a lot with story – our story, the story of the world, and how the universe occurs for us. We believe that when we work with story consciously we have a chance to transform that story into a legend, one that we would actually like to be living. This choice to transform a life into a legend changes how we think, feel and who we become in our lives.

Cosmic Cowgirls was started create an on-going community where we could form our own tribe, define our own space and work together to transform our lives over time and into the next seven generations. There are lots of women’s communities that many of us were a part of but something wanted to happen…that hadn’t happened yet. It is both physical in that we gather together, know one another and actually support each other, but it is also quantum in that it is an energy, a field that ones feels if one is a part of our tribe.

wonderwoman1In 2006 We founded the company as an LLC in San Francisco and 25 women to founded it together, affectionately called The Founding Mamas. We have two levels of membership, members and member owners. We wanted it to be a ‘business’ so that we were related to a real entity and could make choices for ourselves, and never be bought or sold. While a not-for-profit is subject to outside funding and stipulations regarding content. We do however function very much as a service based organization focused in education. We wanted free reign on content and capacity to hire women and eventually make a profit for our Owners – who are investing in the future of education and sustainable community for women and girls.

From our beginning, we began to create books, and courses and have annual conferences and monthly calls. Much of the content was originally based on our Founder,
Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s work, and since that time has grown to include many other women leaders teachers. Shiloh has had this vision since a child, to end isolation among women as well as lift up the gifts of other women.

We have core curriculum classes that have been a part of our line up for many years, namely SPARK, Heart of the Visionary and LEGEND, our landmark course offered online and in person annually.

601224_3762601035399_1403835084_nWe have a powerful tribe of minds and hearts who work together to make Cosmic Cowgirls what it is. Mary MacDonald aka Stella Mac has been the Director for 8 years and is a teacher, coach and writer in our programs. Jenafer Owen, aka Jumpin’ Jenafer Joy has been a core teacher, Co-Director and writer for our magazine for 6 years.

Other members who have been integral to our journey as we evolve and have served as staff are Heidi Damata, Elizabeth Gibbons, Gennifer Mountain Weaver, Califa Coyote, Isabella Vickers, Michelle Fairchild, Gina Fong and Annette Wagner.

We have also been guided by the wisdom of two of our treasured elders, Caron McCloud and Sue Hoya Sellars, the parents of our Founder, Shiloh Sophia.

dsc_0225“Dangerous Territory” Audio recording of the reading

Dangerous Territory

We are a tribe of truth tellers.

Revolution makers.

Movers and shakers

of things that need moving

and shaking. Like hips.

And old ideas that need

shaking off.

We are a gathering of women who

straddle the worlds.

We have one bare foot on the earth

(toenails painted sparkly of course)

and one cowgirl boot in the marketplace of life.

With our heads in the stars for big dreaming

and our arms outstretched

to embrace as much aliveness as we can.

We have our hearts on our sleeves, both of them.

Whether we be sinners or saints

or wear halos or horns there is

one thing you have to admit about us….

We think for ourselves.

While being a part of a tribe.

Often, too often, being a part

of something makes one lose oneself

and choose the something instead.

There is never a something better

than the you that is you.

Here, where the Cosmic Cowgirls

reign, we agree on a common vision

for our unfolding wings — and it is this:

Be the most you that you can be.

Whoever that is for you – and

we the sisterhood of the cosmos

will literally and virtually hold your hand

as you molt on the dance floor of life.

Then we will clean up the first layer of

your skins and feathers for you

and most likely we will hoot and holler

for you — or meditate quietly — or

beat the drum. You choose your own

rites of passage around here.

We believe this truth to be self evident:

That the pursuit of identity

is essential to quality of our aliveness.

That each woman can transform

her life into a legend.

That stories are made for telling

around the campfire,

but legends are meant to be lived.

And sisterhoods are meant to

be your bridge when you don’t know

the way over the troubled water of

the lies you have been told

and tell yourself still.

Oh sure we talk about truth a lot

and then we still make stuff up

if we wanna. A legend must be

crafted. Legends are not spontaneous

things like certain kinds of stories.

Legends are not hatched. They

are concocted. Brewed. Stitched.

Woven together with time, friendship


p style=”text-align: center;”>red thread and spit blood and tears.

~Chief Laughing Cloud