Chief Laughing Cloud

img_0138Dear One,

Thank you for your interest in Cosmic Cowgirls and the work of transforming lives into legends. I am glad you found us and that we are sparking your muse into wonder. When you start to follow her prompt, who knows where you might end up!

At Cosmic Cowgirls we live in a culture of inquiry, of thinking thoughts we haven’t thought before, of being able to change our worldview when it no longer serves us. I thought, how can you get to know who I am, because usually if you are interested in a community you might want to know what the founder is all about. So I am sharing a classic shiloh style offering which means it includes cafe, tears, calls to action and sometimes my hair in a mess.

So below you will find a video, an invitation to participate, an image, a poem – and then at the bottom if you want to learn more about who I actually am, there’s a bio.

Signed in stardust,
Chief Laughing Cloud

A Rant from Shiloh Sophia aka Chief Laughing Cloud

Born This Way

I am the daughter of a

poet and a pirate

so it is any wonder

I turned out this way?

My mother says

that the morning I was

born the sun and the full

moon were in the sky

at the same time

and that the mimosa

tree was blooming outside

the window where

I first yelled out to life.

I have been a rebel

since I could think for

myself and since that

time I have not ceased

to dig for creative justice.

I am most comfortable

in the spaces between

the spaces

at peace in the paradox

and so I decided as early

as I could that I would

be an artist even if I

didn’t know how to make

art that won any prizes.

I left art school for the hills

danced naked in the woods

howled at the moon

and bled into the earth

and called it good.

My image came and found

me one day in the shape of

an egg and I have worked

for her ever since.

If I was not concerned

with what my mother would

think my body would be

covered in tattoos

of roses and thorns

and sacred hearts

with fire cores and

tiny crosses of hope

marking my skin

and rays of light coming

out everywhere.

When I am old

I shall have a Mohawk

and combat boots

and as the days progress

I am certain I will find

my way to my wildest

self and I should

hope to call myself,

notorious. When

I am rocking in that

chair with little children

at the hem of my garment

I shall tell them that

I lived as if I am living

instead of living as if

I was dying and that I am

not even close to being done

with all there is to create.

Some call me mystic,

art doctor, den mother,

chief laughing cloud

of the cosmic cowgirls.

I know one of my gifts

is moving at the speed

of light when gravity

presses me down, I push

up with wonder woman

strength I am sure

the Virgin Mary assigned

to me special powers because

of all the stuff she wanted

to put on my to do list.

I have no idea what I am.

My mother said

I was born this way.

I only that I woke up today

and wanted to grow up to be a poet

and wondered if I was worthy

of such a name as that.




Consider including your past your present and your future in your rant.

Consider including who you were,who you are, and who you are becoming.

Give your muse the pen.

Yes I mean right now.

BIO for Shiloh Sophia

Artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud who was born in Marin County, California in 1970. Shiloh started painting and working in clay as soon as she could walk. At an early age Shiloh was trained by her mother, the poet Caron McCloud in literature and poetry, and she was chastened not to watch TV, but to learn the poetry of T.S. Eliot, study the work Herman Hesse, look at the artwork of Michelangelo and sketch in her notebook

At the tender age of 23 she rendered her first one woman show under the tutelage of American Master Painter and sculptor Sue Hoya Sellars whom she has studied with most of her life. This resulted in a sold out show featuring her paintings, combined with photography, writings, sculpture and pottery. In 1997 she opened her first gallery, Color or Woman in Port Townsend, Washington, followed by a gallery on the Plaza in Sonoma, on Princess Street in Sausalito, on Sutter Street in San Francisco and then on the coastal village of Mendocino with her gallery, Wisdom House where she painted plien air on the cliffs for over five years. From the beginning, Shiloh not only represented her own work, but that of over 100 California Artists.

In 2008 Shiloh resettled to the world famous village of Healdsburg, California and opened a second gallery. In December 2010 she celebrated her 16 Year Artist’s Retrospective with a one woman show. Collectors flew in from around the world to purchase her work, and view the artist’s private collection. The gallery, Cosmic Cowgirls is open by appointment and has seasonal schedules of shows and regular hours.

Shiloh has authored and illustrated 5 books and she is the founder of Cosmic Cowgirls, LLC which teaches courses both online and in person with an emphasis on the Intentional Creativity Movement. In 2010 she also founded the Color of Woman School which trains women how to teach her method of transformation painting to others and lead workshops.

Shiloh’s work is often published in books and online, including in the Women’s United Nations Network, with her poems and images going out to hundreds of thousands of viewers. Shiloh also teaches painting, and visionary entrepreneurship in college courses including previously at New College of California, California Institute of Integral Studies and in the women’s spirituality department and the Global Phd program at Sofia University, formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s training as an artist included the Academy of Art, and she studied with renowned Byzantine Russian Iconographer, Pavel Tikhimov. While Shiloh Sophia is authentically American, she has developed her own style and has been influenced by European Symbolist movement in the tradition of Klimt, Redon, Modigliani, Chagall, Surrealist Frida Kahlo and Impressionist Mary Cassatt. She likes to call her method of painting Contemporary Symbolism.

At the young age of less than 40 years old, she has produced over 1200 original paintings, and sold over 2.5 million dollars in art in the past 10 years. Shiloh Sophia McCloud is emerging as one of the most popular and collected artists in her genre and was one of the top grossing artists in the United States for over ten years.

In 2013 Shiloh was awarded a Proclamation from the City of Healdsburg for her service to the community and to women and girls worldwide. In her organizations she serves between 300-500 women and girls a month both online and in person at her classroom in Healdsburg.

She currently resides in the Valley of the Moon in Sonoma County with her husband, Jonathan Lewis.

Learn even more about all the stuff I do and read my CV