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Conversations In Going Deeper

Conversations in Going Deeper
Musing on Revolution

My muse just loves to wriggle in and put her feet up in between the definitions for words…and she’s tickled pink about the possibilities for Revolution!

1 a forcible overthrow of society in favor of a new system or a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized and in people’s ideas about it.
2 motion in a circular course around an axis or center.

I wonder, how much muse room is there in between ‘wide-reaching change’ and ‘motion around center’? Think there’s room to lean way back and muse on things? To muse on muse-approved musing like a “Calling”? Yep….your Calling is a favorite revolutionary topic for the muse.

listen (early stage) Ahem. You have a Calling.  This is not grandiose or narcissistic or dewy-eyed optimism.  And it is not only a calling, it is a capital C “Calling”. And it’s written into you as sure as the dna spirals that give your hair its shape or lack of shape, as sure as your curious dislike of a particular flavor just like your great aunt (you didn’t know she didn’t like that either?  Well, it’s true). You’ve gotch’r self a Calling right there in your programming.

But the curious thing is – it rarely looks like what one would think of as a calling. Except maybe in hindsight. Instead your calling is…just what it is.  Small, subtle and progressive…a gentle revolution in a circular course.

Indeed, all revolutions, subdued or stark, pivot on a capital C Calling. Someone, somewhere, was following their intuition, and took however many steps large and small and something started turning.

Not so many years ago I was ready for a personal revolution. The life that I was living didn’t fit me. The job, the boyfriend, the whole thing – it chaffed like dead skin on a snake.  And I’ll tell you – the only thing my intuition would tell me, over and over, like a bludgeoning stick was “make art.” Looking back I can see that the pursuit of art would lead me to grandmentor Sue Sellars, would lead me to my virtual saddle spot as a director at Cosmic Cowgirls, would lead me to Mendocino and my husband, and of course art would lead me to Art – the experience of living my calling: talking art, talking muse….and making art. But there, at the beginning, the simple instruction “make art”  did not feel revolutionary!

Think of anyone who you admire and consider Revolutionary. Take a moment and imagine that at some beginning they were simply following the subtle tug of their internal compass. That they had no idea what would transpire. Or even if they did have an inkling, they still had no idea.

And now that you have that possibility in place, let’s do a little journal game of following a labyrinthian path – revolving about our own revolution. Ready?

Direct YouTube link:

Use watercolor pencils to draw the pattern (yes that in and of itself might be a revolution!) then “walk in” on one line – by writing stream of consciousness all the little things that the muse is nudging you to do that feel like a SMALL revolution. When you have written your way all the way to the center – turn around and write your way back out talking about the BIG life revolutions that just might unfurl as a result of your little steps.  Activate your promise and your surrender by washing the path with water and then focus on your first little next step.

Yeppers. This is the muse-approved intersection of dramatic, wide-reaching change and motion around center!

  • Would you say that right now you are living your version of a capital C Calling?
  • When you resist doing “that little thing” that the muse has been nudging you towards, what are you afraid of?
  • What’s a little lean that would probably send you cartwheeling into revolution? an art practice? a haircut? ending that terrible relationship?

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Photo on 3-8-14 at 9.24 AM #3Brimming with the quirky enthusiasm that prompted her nom de plume,  Jenafer Joy rides bareback at the center of a Creativity Revolution. Using every trick in (and out) of the book – vibrant paintings, whimsical writings, and an unwavering faith in every person’s innate intuitive genius – it is impossible to spend time in her presence and not fall in love with yourself, with the whispering of your muse and with Jena’s heartfelt and contagious love of the creative life. Jena has been in the healing & creative arts leading Inspired Inquiry courses since 2003. And she is still pinching herself at the luck of being at the helm of the Cosmic Cowgirl Community as one of its three directors since 2010. You can see everything she’s up to on her website and can always find her paintings and a ridiculous pile up of journal pages on Facebook at The Art of Jenafer Joy. Join Her for A Very Daring Tail (second run) starting April 21st

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