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We are thrilled to start our new monthly column that focuses on YOU the fabulous members of our Cosmic Cowgirl community. Last month you met Jennifer Bowers, Rachel Bavis and Tina Greene who so lovingly said yes to hosting our monthly Cowgirl calls for the rest of this year and you also met Danna Clare who generously offered to host a column that’s all about you, our beloved Cowgirls to share about what you are creating in your life and in your communities. 

So we thought a wonderful way to begin this new adventure is to talk to Danna and get to know what she is creating in the world and we would love for you to be bold and audacious and contact Danna at to share your stories in our monthly Cosmic Cowgirls Round-Up.  ~ Stella Mac

I feel very excited to introduce you to Danna Clare who has been a Cosmic Cowgirl since 2012 as I keep telling her she’s the gift that keeps on giving! Her knowledge, talents, skills, wisdom, love and generosity seem never ending. I love being in conversation with her on any subject as I end up feeling better and learning something new – definitely one of my favourite combos for a great conversation.

Danna is excited and eager to begin to connect with you each month and share stories about the women who are part of this outrageous Tribe. But first I wanted to have the conversation with Danna so you could get to know her and also to find out why this connections is so important for her

One of the many garments Danna wears is working with women to create their web presences through her business, a visionary web biz.

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StellaMac: Danna, I’m going to ask the bold question: what called you as the writer and artist I know you are to work with women to get on-line, when great swathes of people are moving away from technology out of overwhelm?

Danna: When I write it’s about our paths to consciousness, our archetypal patterns – and a website above all to me is a threshold, a claiming- one of those places on the journey where if you take one step further you will encounter that ferocious three headed dog guarding the path and growling at you: who are you anyway, what do you have to offer, and what makes you think it’s worthy?

So through that, there’s a witnessing that occurs when you step over into a different space of who you are in the world and take the leap, because when others see that there is a potential healing of those questions through their acknowledging who you are now.

Pleiades by Danna Clare

Pleiades Intuition by Danna Clare

But to do it- all your fears and doubts will probably rise again, even though you may have claimed yourself as an artist, a teacher, a wise counselor – able to throw off the bondage of the overculture and be who you are give what you give, STILL when it comes time to claim it as publicly as in a forum that houses some 180 million websites and a world of viewers? This takes you into another level! I thrive on working with my sisters who are ready to throw off those chains and take that step into their next evolution. 

StellaMac: I love this Danna because for me when I’m coaching women I talk about creating our websites is moving through the fear of being visible to claiming your voice, your space and to create their biznesses within a feminine paradigm of coming from their essential selves.

Danna: And it’s one of those rites of passage that if you do it in an intentional, creative way makes you do the real work, the true work that digs in and says: this is who I am now, I may change, I’ll grow, but right now I’m here. I’m doing this and I may make mistakes about what I want about how I work even about who I serve. But I’m here doing it —with you and our community. And in my book our community is key here!

StellaMac – And mine girlfriend! That IS the feminine paradigm, you’re working it in the world.

Danna: Yes, I feel it’s us rising into a larger feminine consciousness through our work in the world. We don’t wait for a publisher. An art critic. A company to pick us out of a range of applicants. We go directly to those who resonate with us. We find like-minded women around the globe to interact with and share our gifts, services, wisdom. And we can do it, like me living on a boat part of the year, for others traveling the world, while following our individual paths, we still can run a business. This is a freedom many of us dream of. But mostly an opportunity to connect and share.

This is what many of us as Cowgirls, artists, and certainly Color of Woman teachers are doing and spreading the word:

that we’re all worthy,
that we all have something to share that’s valuable to each other,
to witness,
to be healed in some capacity through our work together.

Archetypal Awakenings by Danna Clare

Archetypal Awakenings by Danna Clare

StellaMac: This sounds fabulous when you put it that way. So why all the ‘damn technology’ blocks in your opinion?

Danna: Because when you claim power you’re tested of course! Your Saboteur or what some call our mean girl is going to poke you in the chest and say,

“You don’t know where to begin!
You can’t do this!
You can’t control when to turn it off!”

And then we say: “Who says? I’m doing it anyway.”

StellaMac: And this is where you come in!

Danna: Yes. I think we’re held back by self-imposed limitations here more than almost anywhere else when it comes to our work in the world. Internet overwhelm is a myth. You control the whole experience – in fact, its the only medium on the planet really where you have so much choice about how you choose to spend your time being informed, entertained, or in community. And the real secret is – you cannot keep up with technology, so I’d invite all of us to release that right now! It moves too fast. So work with someone who can give you the right tools, a designer so you can have the beauty your spirit craves and the authenticity your soul demands – and then go for it!

StellaMac: What do you want to share with us in terms of where some of us may be and how we can make space for more of what we want in terms of technology?

Danna: We all come to readiness for launching a web business or something we’re passionate about at different times, there’s no one size fits all. But the first step I’d say about internet overwhelm is to spend an hour or two with your inbox, in my class coming in the fall I talk about being the “Queen of Your Domain” and teach how to put up your website, the first step is surveying the realm, and the gateway to that realm is your inbox!

Take a look at who is in your village: are people clamoring endlessly for your attention in a way that triggers you? Hawking their wares? Are there people there you don’t even recognize? OR does your village have the local alchemist and herbalist, the wise woman, the trio playing on the corner, the seat by the fountain that nourishes you when you go there to read? The first thing to do is use the almighty unsubscribe.

Remove what isn’t serving you, in order to make room for the connections that DO. That’s the power. Not to just remove yourself from hearing from and connecting with everyone else, but to take the time to gather and cultivate the right community sending to you and to interact with them so that everyone can benefit, share, and be nourished by the kind of fabulous women we know in a community like this one!

Courageous Love by Danna Clare

Courageous Love by Danna Clare

And we’re creating here the first step in this direction through the Round Up!

Every month, meet the sister you want to know better, join her cause, invite her to yours – collaborate, share: don’t go it alone. Her message might arrive just when you need it the most Cowgirl Sisters! You are invited to this Cosmic Round-Up and I truly want you to contact me so we can tell your story. I would LOVE to hear from you.

StellaMac: Thank you so much Danna for your generous offering of the Round Up and for sharing your wisdom and for the beautiful imagery you have created with your words. And I know from personal experience both with myself and those women I coach the magic that you create in bringing our essence into our web presence – thank you. And I look forward to learning more about our fabulous and brilliant Cowgirls in your monthly column.

Again if you would like to be featured in our newsletter and magazine please contact Danna Clare at

Love, love, love you all and over the moon to be in this Tribe.


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img_3475Mary MacDonald, aka StellaMac, is the Countess of Curiosity and the Queen of Questions whose Muse prods, cajoles and believes in her without condition. She gives new meaning to the word versatile. For the past 30 years she has boldly gone forth in the not for profit, artistic, educational and for profit worlds where she has used her extraordinary relationship building skills to achieve success for her Beloveds in marketing, fundraising, public relations, communications, training and development, and writing.

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