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Hello My Cosmic Cowgirl Sisters!

The first thing I want you to know about Cosmic Cowgirl Eileen Nash is:

Expect magic.

 Why? Because she does! And after five minutes into our conversation for Round-Up it was clear that Eileen is someone for whom the Universe opens up like a cosmic rose. She answers the call of her creativity and trusts in her power to manifest in this world the beauty, expansiveness, and potential that she sees and lives.

Eileen at Monets Gardens

Eileen painting with other Cowgirls at Monet’s Gardens in Giverny, France July 2013.

When I asked the questions that always float to the surface in our conversations: How do you show up in community? How do you show up for yourself and your Muse? Eileen was an inspiration on both counts and in her words a “path shower” for us all.

Eileen Nash and Elizabeth Gibbons

Eileen and Elizabeth Gibbons at Lady of the Lake Workshop 2014

You get so much out of collaboration within our community: the sisterhood, support, new ideas, fellowship, talking for hours. There is something incredible that lies within community and wants to be brought out. Recently I’ve had the joyful experience to offer workshops with Cowgirls Elizabeth Gibbons, Kerry Laird, Deborah Carlson, and painted at the New Museum in NYC with Leslie Nolan. 

Collaboration,Eileen said, is soul food.

Eileen is bringing her power to help people manifest transformation in their lives in her specialty fields of Corporate Workshops, Spa Retreats for Creative Wellness, and Education and Rejuvenation for Nursing Professionals all weaved with her particular style and sparkle of Intentional Creativity.

Her website, Paintbrush Cafe, is at this moment being re-born to serve as a larger container for outreach with her work and wisdom and we will be so excited to tell you more about that soon!

And of course we want to know about her process: how does Eileen show up for herself and her muse in order to maintain the level of positivity and inspiration that she brings to everything she does?

It all starts with Morning Cafe. A deep exploration of inner territory, and a practice she gives the same heart and determined inquiry to as she does with her clients. I was thrilled to hear, this process involves glitter. Lots of it – and asks the tantalizing question:

Can you bring yourself to the threshold of symbol
and transformation, let your Muse catch you and transform and create a new story, and then, completely let it go?

Eileen shared with us this beautiful and fleeting Ephemeral Art Practice:

Eileen Sand painting2“Last Fall, I visited a Shaman to obtain guidance to sort out a troubling decades-old pattern. My ‘homework’ was to spend 30 days and create 30 ephemeral images of concepts I wish to release, using colored sand.


The homework was the path to enable me to walk the talk long enough and ensure my release was true and would stick.

The nature of Native American sand paintings is existential. The Navajo word for sand paintings means “place where the gods come and go.” Sand paintings were made on the ground and then destroyed at the end of the ritual.

I didn’t have colored sand, but I did have plenty of glitter.

If you have spent any time
around the Cosmic Cowgirl community,
you believe in the power of glitter.

The purpose of this practice is to focus your thoughts; crystallizing an idea down to a symbol. The practice of choosing a symbol makes the process simultaneously easier to execute, and somehow distills and contains the concept making it powerful for you.

For a week or perhaps longer, your revolving door issues will arise.

Eileen sand painting skull

At some personal, undefinable point, the journey becomes less about what you want to get rid of and more about what you wish to bring in.

To begin with I started with a few steps:

  1. Gather your favorite beverage(s) on a tray- my favorites- espresso, a mango-flavored probiotic, a mug of hot water, and 2 ounces of juice. Proceed to the studio.
  2. Light a candle, especially fabulous in the dark before dawn.
  3. Take several conscious deep breaths. Center into your body and bring in the thought “What am I ready to release?”
  4. Open your mind to the download- typically, I get at least one word or idea. If there are more than one concept- take another breath, gaze into the candle flame and sense which idea needs your attention.

This is a time that is sacred and all yours. You’ll be very present in these single studio sessions, and begin to look forward to hopping out of bed and lighting your candle.

If you would like to know more about my journey into this process I’d be happy to share it with you!”

Eileen can be contacted at Paintbrush Cafe on Facebook or on her temporary blog at Watch that space for more from the fabulous Eileen Nash!

Cowgirl Sisters,
d love to hear where you are on YOUR journey –
and share it on our Cowgirl Round-Up! Interested?
Contact me at

With great heart,

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