Cowgirl Stories

We think of Cosmic Cowgirls as women who have their feet on the earth and their head in the stars – women who can occupy two places at once….or a foot in both worlds….

For me becoming a cosmic cowgirl has meant many things regarding connection between the unknown and our earthly realm. One of the strongest thing that it means is embodying the infinity of the cosmos in a woman’s skin.
~ Brunehilde Yvrande (painting above is by Brunehilde)

Head in the stars means to me connection with the Divine, spirituality, possibility, dreams, ideals. To dream the impossible dream. Feet on the earth signifies for me being practical, creative, courageous, kind, and living my spiritual beliefs as an everyday practice, sharing my heart, working for the good of others, the earth and life as well as myself, and taking action. There’s so much more, but these are first thoughts.
~ Cathleen White

Being a Cosmic Cowgirl has given me a community where I can share my authentic self as an artist and poet, even when I dance to the beat of a different drummer as a non-follower, and be recognized and appreciated, nonetheless. Thank you for gathering our Cosmic Cowgirl community and guiding us into deeper and deeper waters.
~ Deborah Karen Tash,  
In Her Image Studio

Often I imagine that I stroll into the Red Thread Café with my pillow and blanket. I curl up for a spell on a big ol’ couch and soak up life-affirming, life-giving inspiration and beauty. Then with my refueled heart, I go back to work and assist folks with the pain in the world and in their lives. Cosmic Cowgirls is a reliable refuge of kindred spirits, a no-small-talk zone, a juicy, brilliant gathering which feeds my soul and reminds me of all that is good.
~ Morgan Sontag

To be a Cosmic Cowgirl is about owning one’s creative soul. Its about being part of a tribe of wild women who are amazing, supportive and kick your butt when you need it. Its about being exactly who I am in a community of like-minded, dancing, glitter-loving chocoholic wonders who make me laugh until I wet my pants, cry until my heart heals and paint until the lights go out.
~ Annette Wagner,  
Annette Wagner Art

To be a Cosmic Cowgirl is to have a sacred community of support and inspiration, and encouragement. It is a sisterhood of energy – there is a common thread (pun intended), yet such a flow and honouring of diversity & difference.
~ Kim Kristiansson

For me, I’m a bridge to the evolutionary possibilites, to help others re-member who we are as Divine beings playing in this human realm!
~ Sally Richard

What is Cosmic Cowgirls? My mom’s crazy art group which I am now part of. Making paper airplanes, dressing up and dancing, creating wild stuff. All of it. Way fun!
~ Eleanor O’Brien (teen member)


To be a cowgirl is to be part of a community that is important to me. It is a connection with other women who understand and share intentional creativity. I am not always vocal but always listening. Knowing that journeys are shared is a wonderful gift.
~ Virginia Bourassa