Creativity Means Living Life Without an Eraser

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“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”
~ John Gardner

Time for another treasure hunt and for one of my favorite treasures…the Throne of Creativity! From the Throne of Creativity I crown myself as Queen of the Universe. My scepter sparkles with the light of intuitive knowing, bejeweled and luminescent. From this place I am free to ride my golden chariot across the sky traversing this space from sun to moon, from day to night and back again. I bring spirit to form and cross the rainbow bridge, lifting the veils between the worlds and creating from a place of abunDANCE. Nothing is impossible and all is infinite.

My Throne of Creativity would look something like this!

My Throne of Creativity would look something like this!

The chariot is one of my symbols, the symbol of powerful deliberate motion toward a fixed goal (that goal being my intentional and intuitive creativity). It is thus a victory over space and time. It is the spiritual impulse driving me to seek out my true nature and it is the essence of creativity, my life force energy. The scarlet wheels of the chariot are the fiery creative energy.

Chariot of Fire copy

Newsblast from Glitter W.A.S.P. : Abandon all desire to impress. Become the Empress of Your Own Existence!! What fires you up, ignites your passion and calls to you to abandon all thoughts of the mundane? What stirs your soul to acts of outrageousness like nothing else?

“Who embodies and exemplifies the life of creativity most in my life?” I ask myself. The answer is my three spectacular children. Unbound by the conventions of society they are free to roam the world from a place that is life-affirming and fully dedicated to the self-expression of their CREATIVE souls. Keeping up with the Jones’s not being on their agenda they mirror back to me the delightful quirkiness and playfulness laced heavily with sparks of the divine, from original brilliance to a zest for life that warms me down to the core of my creative bones. They are well-known for making art from garbage. My eldest daughter went to her high school graduation with one of her shoes duck taped together. It’s not like we couldn’t afford to buy her a new pair of shoes to celebrate her big moment. She CHOSE to do this because it was more fun to express herself in this unique way than to be bought by a new pair of shoes. Recently I came home and found my youngest daughter duck taping her shoe together. “Oh,” I said, “family tradition, huh?” We had a giggle moment together.

Newsblast from the Inner Paradise Lounge: I am in the rudderless boat with the Black Madonna and I don’t know where I am going. Turns out  Intuitive Creativity is the rudderless boat. What does this mean to you? What it means to me is this. I am willing to live my life without an eraser.   I am willing to follow my passionate creativity and dare to get it wrong.  I am willing to choose creativity over everything else. I am willing to surrender to playfulness. Surrender is definitely a golden key into the realm of my deepest creativity. When I allow myself to be a channel for what wants to reveal itself, this is when I create from the deepest wellspring of my divine source, my creativity that is endless. This is when I become bliss and my art becomes a revelation. What does it mean for you?

Collage of Black Madonnas, Divine Feminine Archetypes and a "rudderless boat".

Collage of Black Madonnas, Divine Feminine Archetypes and a “rudderless boat”.

I know that there is a collective belief in our culture that it would be so wonderful if we could always have everything we need, want and desire. If our bank accounts could always be full and overflowing with abundant prosperity and riches. Yet we also know deep within the wisdom of our alchemical feminine knowing that there is an ebb and a flow, a life/death/life cycle upon which the Universe spins and operates. Still when those moments of ebb and scarcity arrive we can so easily go into a place of fearfulness and judgment that we are not enough. Not doing enough, being enough, manifesting enough.

What if we were to consider this perspective instead? Those moments are actually a call to us, a call from the Universe to ignite and spark up our CREATIVE fire in new ways!! Making do from nothing or very little can become a FUN-filled adventure and a juicy challenge and if we dive into the infinite well of our innate creativity we can find treasures that will inspire us to create NO MATTER WHAT!! One of the most poignant and moving YouTube videos I have ever seen is the one about the extremely poor children in Paraguay whose families make a living from going through garbage and making and selling things made from this garbage.  In this YouTube video they say “the world gives us garbage and we give them music.” Their families make MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS from the garbage and they now have a group of them who are touring the world. The name of their band is “Landfill Harmonics.” I weep every time I see this video. We all have this deep well of creativity within us, the place from which our life force energy roars up and gives birth to ALL possibilities and most of all the place from where we can live lives that are more meaningful and soulful even in the midst of the moments of scarcity. This fires me up and stirs me to greater intention to live from a place of my SOUL FIRE. I share it with you with the intention that you may find inspiration here as well!

Think of this scenario…..if you had more money than you knew what to do with and your birthday rolled around, what kind of gift would mean more to you……a very expensive bauble that you truly don’t need and could buy yourself if you so desired or a handmade gift that your dear friend had created for you? And which kind of gift would you rather give?

Newsblast from the Inner Paradise Lounge; Allow Intuition and Playful Joy to be your guides, your ladies-in-waiting. Allow the roar of your SOUL FIRE to inform the way that you live your life. Allow moments of scarcity and challenge to be a gift from the Universe that becomes a call to your soul to ignite your Divine Spark. Find the treasures that inspire and bring out your playful abandon! What makes your pulse race, your heart glow and your playful spirit wake up? For me it is of course GLITTER with a capital G!! I also LOVE fantastic and fanciful environments…they make me so excited I when I see pictures of them I want to jump up and down with joy!! What gives you this feeling?


A Celebrational Environment by artist Tony Duquette called “The Canticle of the Sun.” I was a volunteer on this project and it has inspired my creativity in endless ways for years after it was built and sadly destroyed in a five alarm fire

Cease trying to work everything out in your mind. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation ~ Eileen Caddy

Let’s go dancing to the Land of Inspiration and Intuition, the Abun-DANCE of your true soul essence. Tell me tell me… What lights you up? What ignites your DIVINE SPARK and sends you flying to create NO MATTER WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!

 A Call to Creativity from Glitter W.A.S.P.

You have been hiding from the world

Held hostage by the dust of ancient lives gone by

Light the fire of the divine spark that is the essence of your SOUL-SHINE

Amidst the shadows I see you glowing with the crackling radiance of a roaring fire

Set her loose…burn from that place of red-hot holiness into the flame of fierceness that contains your true essence

Burn through the cracks in your heart until they glow with the heat of your passion

Surrender to this soul fire until the flames explode into the velvety night with shimmering showers of sparkling stardust

Remember your that you too are the stuff of stardust…luminous, radiant

a DIVINE spark that came here to light up the world with your CREATIVITY


Elizabeth with the Door

Elizabeth with the Door

GLITTER W.A.S.P. is a visionary artist and teacher, and an “Art Critic” who champions women artists. She considers it her own personal mission to spread sparkle around the world by celebrating the delightful, shimmering beauty women offer to the world through their gorgeous, artistic creations.

Elizabeth Gibbons is a visionary artist and teacher, clairvoyant healer, priestess of possibility and prophetess of enchantment also known in the Cosmic Cowgirls community as the Bejeweled Baroness. As a teacher, she encourages us to explore materials that awaken our sense of wonder, joy and playfulness. By playing with the sparkle of glitter, beads and jewels, we reconnect with the language of our soul and ignite the divine spark that Elizabeth calls our SOUL-SHINE. As we raise our vibrations, the alchemy of healing that is part of our natural capacity, is activated.

Elizabeth, a.k.a. Glitter W.A.S.P. (or the Bejewelled Baroness depending upon the day of the week or who you ask), resides in San Francisco at the Palace of the Soul with her fabulously talented children and her revolving extended family. There she runs “The Divine School of Glitteracy” where she guides women and girls on magical adventures and ceremonies that allow them to reinvent their lives to align with more creativity, joy, enchantment, expansion, beauty and love. She teaches transformational art & embellishment classes at “The Palace of the Soul Divine School of Glitteracy.” She is currently adding “Intuitive & Playful Life Guidance & Clearing Abundance Blocks” to her menu. To view a complete menu of classes offered go to or contact her at 415-637-4290 as new classes are often developed and added before they show up on her web-site.

“She Who Birthed Rivers of Light” is now available in Fine Art Prints. Please contact Elizabeth at 415-637-4290 to find out sizes and prices!

To shop for Fine Art prints by Elizabeth go to

To view Glitter W.A.S.P.’s Daily Glitterations from May and beyond visit Elizabeth’s YouTube Channel:

Author: Jonathan Lewis

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  1. I’m so grateful for you! This is EXACTLY the thing I needed to hear today to re-ignite my creative fire. I got a strong ‘truth chill’ reading about Landfill Harmonics – making something out of nothing. The blank page awaits!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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