I let myself out of my cage + changes afootz with our community

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I let myself out of my cage.
I saw the door
for the first time
and I just stepped out.
It was so easy!
It’s so beautiful out here!
Surprised at my sudden freedom
I looked back
to see that open door
and the structure in
which it was housed.
But it was already gone.
Stunned I wondered,
was it me the whole time?
Nobody put me there,
no jailer but my own self?
Ha! I wanted to cry
but instead I started laughing.
In that laughing
remembered what I forgot
so long ago: Who I am.

~ Shiloh Sophia


Dear Ones of the Cosmic Cowgirls Tribe,

This is your very own Chief Laughing Cloud here with a message of changes afootz 🙂

One of the things I LOVE about our community is that we move as the muse moves and as our lives move. We don’t run on a traditional plan, but we run towards and from where we feel called. This may be based on the moon, the season, mercury retrograde, life changes, marriages, babies, moves to the mountain, deaths and births and desires shifting. Sometimes when we think of ‘company’ like ours we think it should be ‘a way’. But it isn’t.

Each time around the sun we sit in red thread circle and ask,
what wants to happen now?
What are you seeing?
What do we need and want?
The community shares their voices and leadership does our best to charts the course for the year…it is always exciting and new territory – while tapping into the strong foundation we have built for almost ten years as a community and company.

And we follow that new thread of the wild muse whether it seems to make sense or not. We move from the spark of inspiration not only sense of duty.  Then sometimes we course correct and redirect and begin to see what was actually being revealed to us. And our members let us know – here’s what I need and we do our best to respond to that through our private member channels.

After our annual Cosmic Cowgirls gathering in 2015 we made some changes that are starting to show up now – we got new call leaders (YAE!), we shifted our focus to Legend Weaving, a theme near and dear to our actual culture, leadership shifted, new team members were added and we moved towards a new way of communicating with our community. We are moving less with ‘blogging’ for others who might be interested in our content, an outward brand, and more towards serving the voices and needs within our own community, who we already are. Hence, the magazine is shifting as these moves come into place. If you have questions, you know where to reach me. If you have ideas, you know where to reach me.

For the month of July our leadership and our cosmic mothership are on a sabbatical of sorts as we reset our course and add in the new coordinates for where we are headed now.

It’s exciting. It’s scary. The cage is gone and freedom is affootz.

Stay tuned as changes continue to reveal themselves like lightning bolts in the dark.

~ Chief Laughing Cloud


Author: Shiloh Sophia McCloud

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