In Our Cosmic Bodies


By Jennifer Bowers

One night this summer while in Tuscany for the glorious Sky Voyage with Shiloh, I found myself alone in my own midnight bath – joyfully splashing around in a warm pool under the moonlight. I explored the expansiveness, fluttering my arms and legs as I jogged along the edges of the pool, swaying my hips as I danced. I sang a silly song with a few Italian words I had picked up along the way and giggled out loud. I noticed how much fun I was having, moving so freely about, and singing my song to the heavens. The water hugged my curves and edges and I experienced deep appreciation for my body, exactly as it is!

I arrived back home to California and jet lag aroused my Muse. I awoke one morning at 3 a.m., pulled out a pen and paper and began writing my (very early) morning pages. What flowed out was a meditation embracing movement and massage, with a touch of play and room for self-pleasure.

An intimate self-honoring!

I realized immediately the words and ideas were for our call and our tribe. Intuitively I knew that movement and touch would allow our Red Thread circle to experience deeper awareness for our bodies and stir insights of wisdom and appreciation from the practice of self-care.

I was inspired to create the meditation below for the July cosmic call. It’s experiential and evokes sensual self-care through touch, movement and body-loving appreciation.

May you be inspired to be with and appreciate your body as you flow through this sensual self-loving movement and touch meditation.

With love from my cosmic body to yours,
~ Jennifer


Sexy Inner Cosmos by Jennifer Bowers

Sensual Self-Loving Movement and Touch Meditation

Let’s give ourselves self-care and self-loving, to receive our wisdom and insights while appreciating our bodies. You may be seated, lying down or standing. Please adjust the mediation to suit you.

Allow yourself some space and room to groove, flow, and sway in your body.

  • Start by placing your hands on your head. Feel your scalp and/or your hair and gently massage your head. Relax your thoughts and your mind. Start from the front and softly work your way back towards your neck.
  • Place your hands on your forehead and rub above your eyebrows and eyes. Come down to your eyebrows and gently pinch them with your fingertips. Start near the bridge of your nose; massage out towards your ears with little pinches.
  • Massage your cheeks with your fingertips in small circular motions and feel the movement of your skin. Move around your cheeks and then softly on and around your nose. Alternate your fingers, tap your lips with your fingertips, like butterfly kisses. Continue tapping and move out towards your jawline.
  • Place your hands on your neck and gently rub your neck and then drop down to your shoulders. Give yourself a shoulder massage. Slide down your arms and to your hands, giving gratitude to the hands that prepare your food and feed you.
  • Come back up your arms towards your décolleté and chest, and feather your fingertips out towards your underarms. Start at your neck and feather out softly. Gently glide down to your chest, your breasts and your ribs.
  • Place your hands on your tummy and rub in a circular motion. Start on your right hip, come up and over towards your left hip and circulate making wide circles. Spiral inward creating smaller circles around your belly button.
  • Slide your hands around to your back. Move your hands to your lower back and your butt and pinch your buns! Playfully, pinch them. Place your hands on your thighs and rub and massage. Rub and massage the front and back of your thighs. Make your way toward your lower legs and your feet.
  • Bend over at your waist, allow your arms to flow and your head to sway and feel Mother Earth’s energy, gently bending your knees. Come up very slowly and rise up. Sway your body back and forth in a figure eight.
  • Settle into a comfortable spot and place your hands on your belly allowing your belly to fully expand and relax. Let it all out. Fully. Deeply.
  • Take three deep nourishing breaths and fully receive your insights.

What are you noticing and lovingly appreciating?

Spend a moment writing and reflecting upon your insights and your experience.

* * *

JenniferKayBowersMay2015photoI’m grateful for being other people’s guide to increasing access to their inner wisdom by communicating with their senses. As an Intentional Creativity Method Teacher trained by artist Shiloh Sophia, an Aromatherapist and member of The National Association for Aromatherapy and Alliance of International Aromatherapists, Skin Care Therapist, Holistic Health Coach, student of Nutrition at Bauman College; my clients are nurtured by a soulful partner through their own transformative journey.



Author: Cosmic Cowgirls Tribe

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