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 “There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision.
The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged
in furthering the evolution of consciousness
has a quality impossible to describe.”
~ Teilhard de Chardin ~

Cafe this morning called me from a deep sleep. In the dream I was disconnected from myself and my reality, for just a flash, and I was scared enough to wake up.

I realized just how much I depend on my connections, my well being is literally woven with my husband, family and community in such an intricate pattern of beauty, revolution and possibility. That sense of not being connected stirred me and disturbed me and reminded me of one of my earliest desires as child.
I wanted women to know that they were not alone.
Even as a child I saw that this sense of isolation was truly damaging and causing fear – I saw this in the women my family helped in the women’s movement. I felt then, as I feel now, we may not be able to end world hunger or war, but we can end the sense of isolation with our choices and how we choose to be in community and how we educate those who are isolated to ‘tune in’ to the quantum field of love we are holding. And that this over time, can and will change our experience of isolation. Our belief that no one is like us, that we are all alone in our experience and that we have to do it alone can actually be eliminated.

I have a sensual longing,
something visceral and primal calling me to gather us together.
To remind us we are not alone.
To show us how to gather others.
This is not something I just choose,
it is something within that calls out from inside me.
I call the capacity to respond to this – the red thread of connection.

I am so hope you sign up for The Red Thread Circle training, which is a simple form of gathering that can happen both in person, on the phone, and even through an online post like this one. If you have been journeying with me for a while, the chances are one of my Red Thread letters came to you at a time when you needed connection. I write them FOR that reason, and because I need to connect with you – for my well being as well. There is a reciprocity to our connection, an exchange of light and love that is as real as you sitting in your chair right now reading this. We can feel the impact of it if we choose to – or block it. It is there whether we choose to feel it and receive the benefit of the blessing.

If you pause, with me, and connect in the quantum way through connection, can you feel my love extending all the way to you in this non-time based moment? It is here. It is real. And we can teach it and share it. Easily. If we choose to show up for it, but I will teach you more about that when we gather!
The Global Red Thread Circle Training is designed to make an offering, from our communities to yours. To show you the very basics of how to call your own Red thread circles in your life. It isn’t hard really, but with some basic structure and information you can transform a simple ritual into a profound transformation because of the power held within intentional creation. I am be joined by Cosmic Cowgirls and the Color of Woman Graduates, called the Red Thread Nation, in offering you this experience.
The live portion of the class was recorded May 13, but you can watch it for up to 30 days after. Consider calling a Red Thread Circle in your own home or school that day. Men, women and children are welcome to join us. You can share the invitation and ideas with them at 

This event was inspired and launched at my recent visit to the United Nations where I actually got to lead a Red Thread Circle there – it was incredible.
For many of us, May 1, Beltane, May Day and the Full MOOOOOON is a sacred time and it is in this energy of connection and sharing love that I am extending a red thread to you right now. Honoring our connections. Trusting that those who are supposed to be connected will be. I do have a deep sense of trust in this – that if we are willing to show up for the connection, we can follow the red thread where it leads and trust that journey…and I do.

May love be at the center of all choices.  ~ Maestra Shiloh Sophia 

Author: Shiloh Sophia McCloud

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