Are you feeling called to become an official
card carrying member of the Cosmic Cowgirls?

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Membership Information

Consider joining if….

  • You feel called to be a part of a tribe of women on the edge of personal revolution…
  • You are ready to have a breakthrough in your thinking about yourself and your life…
  • You would like to discover how to transform your life into a legend…
  • You are working with intentional creativity and long for a deeper connection to the red thread.
  • The archetype of the Cosmic Cowgirl, the woman who walks between the worlds calls to you in your dreams…

You are invited to become a part of a visionary community of women working together individually and collectively to lead meaningful legendary lives. Each of us is working to experience vitality, to speak our truths, to share our gifts and to bring transformation to the world around us. We are revolutionaries choosing to be at cause for our own revolution. Transforming your life into a legend isn’t a default setting, it is a decision.

$200 Lifetime Membership includes:

COMMUNITY: Private community FaceBook page, cosmic connections and support – this is where we dig deep.
CONNECTION: Monthly Red Thread Circle Calls with leaders in our community: Our theme this year is Legend Weaving. The call is the last Thursday of each month at 6pm PST/9pm EST.
INQUIRY: Monthly Inquiries for your own creative process and journey.
OFFERS: Specials on many classes – including classes that are free to Cosmic Cowgirls.
PRIORITY: Member only events and circles with priority seating and registration.
COLLABORATION: Opportunity to collaborate or share your class/event with our community to develop your voice and your self expression with others.
PARTICIPATION: Invitation to our ridiculously fabulous Annual Cosmic Cowgirls Gathering – it will be held from June 1-4th, 2018 at Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch in Sonoma, CA. Every year we come together around a theme that inspires us.
OUR SPACE: In addition to our online community, we also have a physical space – our spaceship! The Cosmic Cowgirls Studio and Gallery is located north of San Francisco in the wine country of California and is available for visits, as well as renting the space for your event! There are lots of online communities but we also are grounded in physical territory.

But actually. That is just the list of visible things. In Cosmic Cowgirls the biggest benefit is the invisible things – being a part of a weave of women who are revealing who they are to themselves….walking the edges…riding the rails. It is an energy dynamic one enters into, feels, knows and integrates with. Don’t join because of what you will get, join to make a contribution to a women’s community you feel called towards.

As a women’s community that is both virtual as well as physical, we evolve as our community and leadership evolves. It’s fluid not static.

Membership Process

~ Be sure to read our Cosmic Cowgirls Creed before you proceed. ~ 

Membership is generally best for those who are in some way already connected with our community. Women who have taken a class  or had an experience with us or journeyed with us in the Red Thread Café Classroom or worked with Shiloh Sophia or one of our members or Intentional Creativity teachers. This way you know the energy and kind of women connected with Cosmic Cowgirls. If you have taken a class, then we have a chance to get to know you. If you aren’t familiar with us, then consider taking a class to check us out. Another way to join is to be recommended by an existing member.

Our community knows each other by first name. We are intimate and new lifelong friendships are formed in our circle, so it is important each woman who comes in is connected to the energy of our community – which is quite diverse.

By joining Cosmic Cowgirls, you are investing in societal transformation, equipping women and girls of the world to honor themselves and live a vital life. We are investing in artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, writers, and women of all walks of life who walk between the worlds.

If after reading all this – you feel called – click on the image below to be taken to the registration page for Cosmic Cowgirls Membership!

Cosmic Cowgirls Membership

We sure would love it if you joined us! We are building a strong tribe of visionary women who are COMMITTED to the creation of cosmic community!

Cosmic Cowgirls is a woman and girl owned LLC. From time to time we invite women to become owners in the LLC.

You cancel your membership at any time, however, there are no refunds on the membership fee.