Metamorphosis: A Mythical Quest

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“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

                                                                                     C.G. Jung

 What does it mean to live a legendary life?

For me it means that I answer the longing to live a more liberated life story. That I set the intention to willingly empty my old stories. To allow myself to sit with the discomfort, unfamiliarity and uncomfortable-ness of the uncertainty that arises when I am releasing old patterns, myths and stories and still do not know what the new story will be. It means I live on the edge of the visible and the invisible, between the known and the unknown.

I choose to live my life as a mythic quest. I am the creator and the alchemist of my own existence. My intention and my purpose here is to transform into the true winged beauty of my soul’s luminous light. The healing medicine that brings me closer to this is creative self-expression. I am a mystical archaeologist, excavating and bringing to the surface the personal myths and stories that are guiding my life. Intentional Creativity supports me in recognizing and releasing the beliefs, stories, contracts, decisions and agreements that do not match the vision of who I know I can be.

"Flower Song", an original painting by Elizabeth Gibbons

“Flower Song” an original painting by Elizabeth Gibbons

“ Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”                                                                           C.G. Jung

      How do I release the old stories and rebirth my mythic vision with intentional creativity? What does the quest look like and how does transformation happen?

Transformation requires engaging the deeper part of my consciousness that speaks in the language of symbol and e-motion (energy in motion). The canvas is my personal “quantum field,” a cosmic portal, a place to enter the mystical quest to retrieve and call back to me the lost pieces of my soul. It is also a “protective shield” that is a safe container for transferring and exploring the conflicts that arise from my old stories. It is the place that I go to get “unstuck.”

I am my own medicine woman and my medicine basket includes my paintbrush that is my magic wand; my paint that is the elixir of life; my glitter that is the cosmic stardust that dusts my self-created world with magic; the red thread that is the connecting and integrating force. My Inner Muse is the guardian of my future. She carries the golden key to the door of possibilities with her and she is “on call” 24/7 should I ask her to open the door for me. My Inner Critic is also my ally as she is the guardian of my past. She wears the golden key to the treasure chest that contains the stories of my life. She is not actually as mean as she is rumored to be. She is quite playful, a little rebellious and she adores a good mystery. She is constantly “gifting” me clues about what the old stories are and how I can earn the key to open and release them. She is quite baffled by the disdain, lack of attention and absence of playmates that are often part of the IC’s life and “story.” She is often quite lonely, so when I invite her to the mythic quest, she is delighted.

This month I have had the honor and the pleasure of teaching in the COW (Color of Woman) Teacher’s Leadership Circle. Inspired by Shiloh’s TALISMAN teachings I have created a process that I call METAMORPHOSIS. It is a transformational process that uses energy clearing methods, ceremony, meditation, vision quest and a guided 13-step art activity to shift the old stories. Using the cosmic guidance system of the chakras, your body’s energy centers, I guide you to identify a core wound or trauma that you have reacted to by creating an unconscious story that is running you and your life in a way that makes you less than who you are. We enter the chrysalis – “quantum field” – where past, present and future converge. It is a mystical place of healing where you transmute old stories in the alchemical laboratory of conscious intentional creativity. This is where you realize that you are so much more than the sum of your life experiences.


The old story for me was that I was lost on the beach when I was 3. This is one of my first memories.  In my family this story has been told and retold many times and there is a “personal mythology” that I have “ingested” that accompanied the story. I have taken for granted the beliefs, feelings and thoughts that have been part of the telling of this story. As I have been working with this process of METAMORPHOSIS and TALISMAN, I have had many revelations about this story and how it contributed to a personal mythology that keeps me stuck in a limited and “small” version of who I am. As I have peeled away the layers and gone deeply into the chrysalis of my intuition and knowing I have learned that many of the emotions and beliefs about this story do not even belong to me.

Between the ages of 0 and 7 we often “live” out our parents’ point of view. This is a natural response that ensures our “survival.” We believe that in order to be loved and cared for we need to “buy” into our parents’ belief systems. Our parents often unconsciously reinforce this by exhibiting more love for us when we are “like” them. When we are looking for stories that are running our lives, it can be helpful to look at the stories that run the lives of our mother and father or whoever raised us. These are often the most deeply rooted patterns and stories that we continue to live out unconsciously. Old myths and stories that are in conflict with your needs, your potential, your possibilities and your ability to vision a new, more expanded and joyous story, often have their roots in early attempts to handle and process humiliating, traumatic or painful childhood events.

In my case, my mother’s fear was thrown onto me and I unconsciously took it in. What I discovered as I was excavating this story, is that I was not even afraid! I was escaping and having fun doing it as well as having a good old time flirting with all the dark, swarthy Italian men on the beach. I was free, joyful and expanded and I was exploring a Universe that I trusted to support me. I also discovered that I was never lost within myself. I did not lose my center but I gave it away to my mother. What happened at this point was that I stopped feeling my own feelings and somehow began feeling my mother’s feelings. I gave away a part of who I knew myself to be. I gave away a part of my own IDENTITY. I took in my mother’s anxiety and fear. I am now working to release them and to reclaim my joy and my freedom.


“The Lady of the Lake” reclaiming sovereignty of your life. A Playshop painting on gold leaf and connecting to the mystical realm of Avalon. Guest  teacher to be announced.
Saturday May 10
12 p.m. to 7 p.m.
For more information or to sign up or attend events call my Glitter Girl Friday, Elizabeth at 415-637-4290.
Elizabeth with the Door

Elizabeth with the Door

GLITTER W.A.S.P. is a visionary artist and teacher, and an “Art Critic” who champions women artists. She considers it her own personal mission to spread sparkle around the world by celebrating the delightful, shimmering beauty women offer to the world through their gorgeous, artistic creations.

Elizabeth Gibbons is a visionary artist and teacher, clairvoyant healer, priestess of possibility and prophetess of enchantment also known in the Cosmic Cowgirls community as the Bejeweled Baroness. As a teacher, she encourages us to explore materials that awaken our sense of wonder, joy and playfulness. By playing with the sparkle of glitter, beads and jewels, we reconnect with the language of our soul and ignite the divine spark that Elizabeth calls our SOUL-SHINE. As we raise our vibrations, the alchemy of healing, that is part of our natural capacity, is activated.

Elizabeth, a.k.a. Glitter W.A.S.P. (or the Bejewelled Baroness depending upon the day of the week or who you ask), resides in San Francisco at the Palace of the Soul with her fabulously talented children and her revolving extended family. There she runs “The Divine School of Glitteracy” where she guides women and girls on magical adventures and ceremonies that allow them to reinvent their lives to align with more creativity, joy, enchantment, expansion, beauty and love. She teaches transformational art & embellishment classes at “The Palace of the Soul Divine School of Glitteracy.” She is currently adding “Intuitive & Playful Life Guidance & Clearing Abundance Blocks” to her menu. To view a complete menu of classes offered go to or contact her at 415-637-4290 as new classes are often developed and added before they show up on her web-site.

“She Who Birthed Rivers of Light” is now available in Fine Art Prints. Please contact Elizabeth at 415-637-4290 to find out sizes and prices!

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  1. I love your metaphor of the chrysalis here and the phrase “chrysalis of my intuition” Thank you for sharing your mythic quest!

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