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I feel hesitant to write a piece on pleasure, and to claim pleasure as if it is mine to fully embody. Mostly, I feel comfortable claiming pleasure as a much later priority for me: behind responsibility, behind consideration of others, behind social justice, behind busyness, behind hard work.  To claim my pleasure as my priority feels selfish and incites my fear of ridicule.  I fear that you, as a reader, will see this and say, “this is not serious or strong enough.  This is too woo woo.  This is not respectful of others whose circumstances make it more challenging for them to access pleasure. This is a first world priority.  This is not deep enough.”

I struggle with staying with my pleasure throughout each day.  So, of course, when I sat with what Taboo meant for my column over this next year, I knew I needed to dive into the world of pleasure.  I knew I needed to look at what pleasure meant for me, and hopefully, what it looked like for you.  I knew I wanted to understand the roots of pleasure as a taboo, and how we claim it both internally and externally as our birthright. Over this next year, I look forward to exploring this and other questions with you, as we explore the topic of Pleasure.  


On Steph Cowling: I am a proud 2012 graduate of Cosmic Cowgirls “Leading a Legendary Life” mentorship program, and have been a member of the Cosmic Cowgirls community since 2010.  Over the past ten years, I have been growing my passion for healing and self-care through various modalities, including Brazilian dance, insight meditation, painting, SoulCollage®, Non-Violent Communication, morning pages, and spiritual study.  I currently work as a non-profit program coordinator in Brooklyn, NY. I am building a women’s self-care program for women professionals focused on cultivating loving relationship with oneself. I live with my partner and fur-baby in Brooklyn.

Author: Steph Cowling

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  1. Indeed pleasure is a taboo especially for women! I look forward to reading about your explorations of pleasure and may it empower us all. Blessings.

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  2. I look forward to your shares about pleasure, if it shall pleasure you to share about pleasure!

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