Red Thread Circle Calls

CCU - Red Thread Circle Calls
Cosmic Cowgirls are women who are defining their own culture and way of being in the world. We have stepped out from under the over-culture and decided to be at cause for our own revolution. We know this world is a rodeo of the soul and we consciously choose to live in both worlds, celebrating and integrating our wild and sacred natures. We don’t play by the rules, we make them up as we go along.

It is high time for a circle of women willing to be who they are, uniquely, but together, we are the legend weavers of our stories. Creating our lives, and of the future of our people and our planet. Let us begin where all things begin, with our own stories connected to the red threads that weave our legends together

~ Shiloh Sophia, aka Chief Laughing Cloud

In Cosmic Cowgirls our theme for the year usually follows our Annual Conference. We have a chance to talk about what is needed and wanted in our community and then craft an offering towards that hope. This year our theme is Legend Weaving, and 3 Cosmic Cowgirls who are also Color of Woman graduates have stepped forward to guide the journey, Jen, Tina and Rachel and there is a message from them below.

Our monthly Red Thread Calls are for members only.

Legend Weaver SnapshotLEGEND WEAVING

Greetings fellow Cosmic Cowgirls Sisters! A Letter from our new call leaders, Jen Bowers Rachel Bavis and Tina Greene.

There are so many gifts to be discovered in and through the Red Thread Circles we come into each month during our Cosmic Cowgirls Calls. A sense of connection that transcends time and space. A sense of belonging to a group of like-hearted people who come together to experience the weave of community. A deepening commitment to our own growth and healing as we learn from others and from our own wise selves. A chance to tell our stories.

Our stories about lineage, legacy, love and life. About grief and joy. Transitions and change. Drawing on the work we started at this year’s Cosmic Cowgirls conference, in each of our Red Thread Circle Calls we will focus on particular stories that inform who we are. Stories that are both juicy and deep. Stories about ancestry, family, lineage, our relationships to the land, to our spirit guides and our spiritual paths. Each circle, we will bring these inquiries into sacred space, always with the intention to better understand the seen and – until now – unseen forces at work in our lives. Our calls will give us the opportunity to transform our stories into something workable and useful, as together we weave transform our lives into legends. Hold onto your hats girlfriends as we get ready to RIDE the quantum thread right into the cosmos! WhoooHoooo!!!!

“Our hope is that by working with our personal stories, we will bring into consciousness that which is unconscious, so we can actively work with it in form. This is best done together, in a community, not in isolation. Often stories are in the background, running us, without our even knowing it. Part of the Cosmic Cowgirls culture is to transform lives into legends – and that happens through storytelling.”

~ Shiloh Sophia

Each Cosmic Cowgirls Red Thread Circle call will have:

Community: A Red Thread Circle and a chance for you to share

Context: We will be Legend Weaving as we share and transform our stories

Focus: Each month we will work with a specific story line that impacts all of our lives (e.g., incarnation, ancestry, how we walk the land, our sacred work in the world, our secrets)

Guidance: Readings and Teachings from us, and our Cosmic Cowgirls and Shiloh’s draft book, Way of the Red Thread.

Creativity: A Journal Writing practice from which we are encouraging you to create mini-memoirs or stories!

Wonder: An inquiry for the month regarding your Legend Weaving to take with you and work with individually and as a community.

Wisdom: An opportunity to share about how to weave to red thread into our daily lives and relationships. This will include learning from you, how you are working with the thread of your lives and what ideas we can bring to one another.

Speakers: Special guest appearances from Stella Mac, Chief Laughing Cloud and Mama Cloud and other shining stars of the Cosmic Cowgirls community

This is going to be so much fun, and transformational – just what we love at Cosmic Cowgirls – getting down, so we can get lifted up!

As Color of Woman Teachers and Cosmic Cowgirls, we are teaching Intentional Creativity in the world and Shiloh Sophia is making a committed effort to bring Red Thread Circles into the world for all to use. So we also hope to explore how we can use a red thread circle to bring ”ritual” into our daily lives. For example, when we talk about ancestry, maybe there is a way to encourage our elders to share their stories by using a Red Thread Circle in which everyone shares an old family story. Or perhaps when we talk about loss, there is a way to use the Red Thread to provide a safe and sacred place to grieve – again through story telling. Daily life is full of opportunities where the simple act of calling a circle can be its own medicine.

We want to explore the rich legendary lives of the Cosmic Cowgirls so you can bring this everyday wisdom into your lives and relationships.