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 Sacred Story

By Laura Toller Gardner

I make this offering to you as my grand finale with Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine. How appropriate that I end three years of contribution with the topic of story, and an exploration of the turning of the wheel of life: beginnings culminating in endings and endings giving way to new beginnings. 

From my heart to yours, bright blessings on your storied journey! May your voice ring true, and the stories you tell be worthy of your influential imagination. 

Our lives are the compilation and reflection of the stories we tell, retell, and believe. The degree of consciousness we bring to the endeavor makes all the difference and has the power to transform.

Who we are is not the sum total of our hereditary DNA and our environmental influences alone. The stories we craft about what we dream for ourselves contribute to our sacred I Am-ness. Human imagination is the playground of the Divine; it is where Source whispers uniqueness into each of us. Our imagination is the medium for the genesis of the co-creative process. The stories we conceive and weave contribute significantly to who we are and the lives we experience.

Yes it is true that environmental and cultural influences find their way into our stories. And, through conscious choice, we cast our characters and events from the wonder within. The act of authorship is the ultimate claiming of our power as spiritual beings.

Personal Genius Manifesting Early for the Notorious Author

Personal Genius Manifesting Early for the Notorious Author

I am confident that from the time I could speak, beginning very early at 9 months old, I have known myself as Sacred Storyteller. From the beginning, story has held all the potential of life for me. Voice is the channel through which my story takes root and manifests. Belief is the fuel that powers the growth of my sacred narrative.

I know that when I am depressed and I feel assailed from all sides, I examine my stories and they inevitably cast me in a role of victim. Victimization is a story that drains my personal power and my potential for great joy and fulfillment, no matter how subtle or covert. If allowed, that victim story will play in a continuous loop, magnifying its hypnotic power.

I am humbly proud that over time, with conscious effort through mindful attention, the “Laura as victim” storyline is losing it’s spellbinding influence over me.

Let’s be clear about the relationship between authentic hardship and story. The wheel of life turns, and we experience the fullness of it: birth, growth, decline, and death. This cycle exists in and through all life and all life experiences in varying degrees. Static permanence is a myth. It is a dangerously beguiling story our culture believes and tells and retells through generations and across continents. The slavish belief in static permanence is a false myth that creates undue heartache and holds us hostage to the great jailer of all time — fear. Change is the nature of life. The stories we tell ourselves about change will serve to imprison us, or set us free. Today I choose liberation and sovereignty.

I have come to a time in my life where I am no longer willing to be a complicit conspirator in my own imprisonment.  I now know that my stories about the nature of change, evolution, and the wheel of life need to and are transforming. The stories I craft and cast about that which hurts and frightens me and others are just as powerful as the stories I tell about growth, achievement, triumph. Today I choose triumph.

This is truth for me.I tell myself stories and I live into those vivid visions and experiences. I Am who I conceived of long ago, and who I create each and every moment anew. When my stories change, I evolve.

What lives and breathes in your stories? Epic unfoldings? Tender love connections? Tranquility? Healing that liberates? Courage? Laughter? Justice? Sister and brotherhood? Peace for the earth and all her inhabitants?

When you pen your sacred stories, allow your imagination to be consciously guided by your heart’s desire, and give yourself permission to create with abandon in the playground of the Divine.


Laura Toller Gardner

Laura Toller Gardner

Laura Toller Gardner

I am a Notorious author, out-loud wonderer, irreverent observer of Life, earnest path finder and way-shower, lover of contagious laughter. Practical Enchantress, at your service. That’s today. Tomorrow is likely to be a whole different story.


Author: Jonathan Lewis

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  1. Your stories will be missed but remembered. You have taken me on journeys within and down to the darkness and up into the light. Thank you for your inspiration, for the butt kicks and wake up calls, for the tears and the laughter. And (yes I know I shouldn’t start a sentence with and but I am a C.C now so I do as I please), most of all for rattling the brain cells into gear.

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  2. As a storyteller myself, I am inspired by your words here! Thank you!

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  3. And that, Laura, is a great story! Well wishes to you as you light the way for others.

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  4. aho! Laura thank you for all the stories you cast & craft! with a toast to your next chapter!

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