Taboo, A Supernatural Threat

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I’m going to be honest – I wasn’t that excited about the topic of taboo. Because of course there are taboos we most likely agree on (jeez, I hope) –  like incest, necrophilia, cannibalism, pedophilia, bestiality. Then there are ones that I know get plenty of folks hot behind the ears…but are filed under ‘live and let live’ where I come from – like homosexuality, intermarriage, adultery, abortion. And finally there are mildly titillating scorpionic taboos like sex or other people’s money.  Yawn.

But then I came across this definition in ye ole wikioracle:

A taboo is a vehement prohibition of an action based on the belief that such behavior is either too sacred or too accursed for ordinary individuals to undertake, under threat of supernatural punishment.

Too sacred?! Supernatural punishment?! Ordinary Individuals?! Yip HIP!

Okay – I knooooow they are probably talking about the b.i.g.  g.o.d. in the sky (another yawn taboo topic) when they say supernatural but my mind immediately went X-Men. And I couldn’t help but muse about the older deeper themes that we reeeeealllly wrestle with. And I couldn’t help but imagine what Bad Ass Superpower would be guarding each of them. And how we “ordinary individuals” might break the taboo by stealing the sacred from under their supernatural noses. Are you ready? Come meet my mind:

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I’ll tell you what. Now I’m excited for our journey together.
And I think I found the map:



Stay tuned for NEXT TIME when we tackle the taboo of change, befriend the trickster and decode the sacred secret messages in chaos.

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All collage and painting artwork in this article is from the journals and canvases of Jenafer Joy.

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  1. Jena, this: What about the sacred stop? Sacred go?
    and this: What is the medicine of the poison at the heart of it all?
    Yes, Jena. Yes Yes Yes.
    Thank you.

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