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Dear Ones,

Our very precious friend, teacher, mentor and Beloved Art Matriarch is in the “in between worlds” right now. After a very difficult bypass surgery she hasn’t returned to us and we are shock as well as staying in wonder at her process. As we write this we have been sitting vigil by her bedside for over ten days and it has been 6 days since surgery – wondering when and if, she will awake. We are in profoundly deep sorrow as the chances are very slim.  Everyone is one of a kind but Sue is one in a million. As vast as the cosmos, she so often paints. We were all so certain she would come through, as she was so excited to continue in her vision, her love of teaching, and to continue the legacy of her land as a sanctuary for women.

Sue Hoya Sellars has a vision: To gather and guide others to commit art. She wanted us to experience a connection to ourselves, the land – to learn how to see – and to heal through intentional creating as anyone who has worked with her will understand and remember. She believed so strongly in the power of art to heal and as the way to connect with our consciousness that she has been working on this her entire life. We are so blessed to have a woman like this in our life a true mentor to pass on her teachings. We will continue to learn from both the legacy of her land – and the teachings from her notebooks.

How about a Barn raising instead of fundraising?

At first our community thought of a fundraiser to help during this difficult time, as there isn’t an ‘estate plan’ to cover the expanse of expenses that happens when someone is in this kind of life transition. But she doesn’t want to be a ’cause’ and this isn’t a traditional fundraiser. The most important thing for her life and legacy was and is to secure her land: Terra Sophia:  20 Acres of pristine land in the beautiful Anderson Valley. So we went with a Barn Raising. So much more Sue. And so much closer to her plans to have an Art Barn on her property.

We have some short term goals based on where we are on the journey at this time, which is to cover her immediate expenses. And we have our eye on her larger vision – yes, a barn raising is planned…. has been planned… and this vision helps us as a community focus on her and her wishes for her land. She was very clear with her desires for her property. She has been working with students there for over twenty years and she longed to continue that into her future.

So we, the community, would be most grateful for your participation and support during this time – and for you to keep the eye on the larger vision with us, while we focus on what is at hand right now. Which is our dear Sue. It is a curious journey to sit with someone on the edge of life and death and ponder what is really important to them…in some ways…it is the same thing. What they would want after their death is the same thing they would want if they were living.

We are working to secure the land. And so we shall.


Our immediate short term goal is to cover Sue’s mortgage and immediate medical costs for the next 4 months is estimated at around 30k – anything remaining will be used towards paying off the land.


We know the perk choices aren’t all fleshed out at this time – but we wanted to offer you something tangible in gratitude for your support and participation.

Buy Art

Another way to support Sue is to purchase prints from her Fine Art America site:…

This is an invitation to work with us on the legacy of the Terra Sophia Sanctuary. Let’s create a dream together…it is Sue’s dream, but it is also many of our dreams to have a sacred space to create that is beautiful and sustainable going into the future.

With great love and HOPE,

The Cosmic Cowgirls and The Red Thread Circle

Love Frequency – from the Master’s Notebook by Sue Hoya Sellars

The frequency of love is stepped down as it enters the dimension of time, space, matter. It connects with great care to the individual energetically at the POINT of the HEART.

This is why the heart develops in the fetus before the brain as it literally informs the life force of each person, preparing it to receive soul consciousness. When the soul moves through this channel forged by the heart it establishes a connection with Source Intelligence, Creator.

From heart to soul to spirit to…Creator.

Creativity of works of art: Love Frequency Transmission/Unconflicted/Timeless…

Time is a distortion of our connection with others and Goddess. Time intervenes….


Author: Annette Wagner

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