To Our Darling Wild, Outrageous, Beautiful, Wise, Bad-Ass, Reverent and Irreverent Cowgirls


It has been a wild ride during 2015 at the Cosmic Cowgirls Rodeo of the Soul. We began and ended our year with what Cowgirls do best – lead legendary lives!

In January we started our 6 month LEGEND course and in October had our 6 week LEGEND FB course. We sat in Red Thread Circle together talking about everything from the Elephant String Theory and how we keep ourselves tied up without knowing it to reflecting back on our year and everything in between. So a few things that occurred in 2015:

  • Jenafer Joy laid down the reins as Director of Cosmic Cowgirl University so she could weave a tapestry called motherhood and the world was graced by a magical being called Hazel Grace Owen!
  • A new Cosmic Cowgirl website was created
  • We are in deep gratitude for all the Cowgirls who contributed their writings and images to the Cosmic Cowgirl Magazine as we reimagined the future of the magazine. Danna Clare created the Round Up where she interviews individual Cosmic Cowgirls so we can learn more about the work they are creating in the world.
  • Shiloh waved her magic wand over the Cosmic Cowgirl Studio and it emerged anew.
  • We celebrated our lineage at our annual Cosmic Cowgirl Conference with Amber Bonnici and this year the theme was Bone Gathering and Skin Stories. As we gathered together we celebrated the life of our Art Matriarch Sue Hoya Sellars and the gifts she brought to our Tribe.
  • Shiloh Sophia brought the Red Thread to the ‘Servers Who Serve’ at the United Nations.
  • Shiloh Sophia on behalf of Cosmic Cowgirls and Color of Woman  was invited to the Greenbelt Museum honouring Lenore Thomas Straus to talk about her lineage which included bringing art by our Art Matriarch Sue Hoya Sellars.
  • Rachel Bavis, Jennifer Bowers and Tina Greene volunteered to take leadership of our monthly calls
  • Dominique Peters joined the team as the Cosmic Cowgirl Studio Space Diva
  • Annette began Paint Where You Are on Sundays at the Studio to honor and to continue Sue Hoya Sellar’s legacy
  • Thank you to all the Cowgirl Team who helped us hold the space in person and online for all of to gather and share our wisdom, our stories and our tears, laughter and love.

Throughout the world it has been a time of violence, sadness, good-byes to loved ones, health challenges, dark nights of the soul side-by-side with the joys, the laughter, the love, the outstanding work that women are doing throughout the world to create harmony and peace. We thank each of you for holding your peace of the red thread to create was is yours to create and offer it to those you serve as mothers, teachers, healers, friends, lovers, and women who make a difference. Thank you.

It is our honor and privilege to be in a tribe of women who are always at each end of the red thread. We wish you a 2016 filled with creativity, love, abundance, service, laughter, love and peace.

With unending love,
Shiloh Sophia and StellaMac

~ ~ ~ 

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Cowgirl Sisters, 

We’ve had stories of magic and wildness, sensory delight, wonder and whimsy and more! And like any good story, I can’t wait to see What Happens Next…

Thank you to all of the Cosmic Cowgirls who have shared themselves with us in the Round-Up column, their words and images making their way across the miles, through the cosmos, to take up their place in our hearts and in this community. 

We’ll have our next Round-Up in January, and as always YOU ARE INVITED to contact me to share your story and gather with us in celebrating our sisterhood, our connection, our joy in creating something new in the world each day, together. 

With Great Heart and Wild Blessings for the New Year, 

Danna Clare Signature

~ ~ ~

winter blessings by annette wagnerWow. Another year of words, poetry, paintings, and sharings of the heart. This community never fails to amaze me with your glorious contributions and stories. My writings this year are offerings to you giving back for all the lessons, insights, outrageous laughter and love I receive in return.

If you are so inclined to write an article for the Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine, drop me a line. I’d LOVE to read your story – I just know it’s one from the heart, ‘cause thats who we are!

May your holidays and the coming year be filled with love, chocolate, pink rhinestones, and loads of joy-making intentions of all kinds!

Thank you for being exactly who you are,
Annette Wagner

Managing Editor, Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine

Author: Annette Wagner

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