Transforming the Gifts of the Earth into Experience

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Here in the Cosmic Cowgirls community, we have wild dreams and hearts that know how to speak their desire. But there is always the question of how to transform our dreams into the story we live every day. Which is why we welcome the entrepreneur spirit with open arms. ~ Annette Wagner, Managing Editor



Transforming the Gifts of the Earth into Experience

Danna Clare with Califa Coyote Weiss

Coyote Wisdom says:
Be witty, be enthusiastic, be intuitive,
and in all things be close to the land
and loyal to your tribe.

Califa Coyote says all this and more! She creates her unique expression of earthy herbal alchemy and offers it to the world, and how about this: a catered and custom-blended intentional tea party with your Muse? Yes, please!califatea

talking with Califa Weiss,
named for all things California, including a legendary Amazon Queen –
was pure joy and you will love what she is creating.

Califa started her online custom tea business in November of 2014 – almost a year now! For her, it was a natural evolution. Always having been business minded, she knew some product was going to emerge that she could offer the world. She has a deep belief in healing and taking care of ourselves, and her business had to be something she could feel GOOD about and also where she could play in her particular creative power.

And so, she was patient with it. In the end it took moving back from Los Angeles to her family’s land in Healdsburg and allowing it to happen. Cultivating her home and her vision with physical labor and living on the land.

califa-ArtemisblendShe began to think about how as women we used to know more about how to heal and care for ourselves in connection with the earth. We had apothecaries at home.

Califa now has her online site WILD COYOTEA, and her herbal blend teas and coffee in two stores. And while she’d love to expand her space in retail, she appreciates the online opportunities to connect with her customers directly, and to write the gorgeous articles she offers periodically on her blog.

califaAs someone who walks between worlds with my own beloveds, blending technology and soul work to create their online space on the web – I was thrilled to see how Califa brought herself so authentically and imaginatively to the pages of her website.

When I asked her how that claiming, really speaking in her own voice for the world to see, was for her, she said, I knew that my work AND my website was going to evolve, so that made it easier.” Readers, I was in love. Truer words were never said about creating a website space!

Life as Ritual

califa-queenrubyCalifa wants us to know this about the power of tea:  tea allows us to be mindful of our own healing potential. It speaks to health and wellness but also feels good and provides us the chance to live our lives as ritual.

Wild Coyotea is part of Califa’s honoring of Life as Ritual…She will get up early and play with herbs, setting the mood of joy for rest of the day. With tea lights glowing, she starts her water boiling and begins making herbal blends. Tasting, timing, and creating new recipes.  

A ritual of transforming the gifts of the earth into experience – and then sharing with someone, creating the space for relationship. Califa shows us healing alchemy brought her home to land and heart. Thank you, Califa Coyote.

Now about that Tea party! Nothing calls a Cowgirl in from the cold like Tea with the Muse. And being with her girlfriends in circle?

Even better.

califa-kombucha_handCalifa offers custom tea parties, and would love to be in community and collaborate with any Cowgirls who want to bring intention and ritual to their workshop through her custom blended tea! She provides an experience for women to gather, to taste and explore together.

If you want to explore a Tea Party with Califa you can contact her HERE.

To see some of the properties associated with the herbs Califa uses in her blends, go here for a list to inspire what feels wanted and needed by you and your muse: Herbal Alchemy


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Thank you Cowgirls and if YOU would like to share your passion with us please contact me at I would LOVE to hear from you and share your story for all of us to support your dreams, your work in the world, and to be together across the cosmos.

With great heart,

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Danna works with creative women entrepreneurs and artistic beings who love to express themselves and assists them to reveal and celebrate their unique vision through the specialized lens of the internet world. She guides her beloveds through the journey so they have a vessel to connect effectively on-line and engage with their community in a way that feels right for them. Danna welcomes adventurous women ready to open to wonder and create with her in her vision-quest style of website design at and through her private mentorship program Queen of Your Domain for learning to create your own space on the web. 

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