What Are You Reaching For?

with Jenafer Joy

Is there anyone who doesn’t have addiction running in the bloodlines of their family? I’m not even referring to illegal substances, but to the legal ones like alcohol, nicotine, coffee… even sugar.

Around Cosmic Cowgirls we love squeezing ourselves right in between reverence and irreverence. In our courses you’re as likely to be instructed to take a shot of tequila to loosen up that next painting step as you are to hear you should light a candle and journal. Because – serious warning – the muse really does NOT like rigid rules. She loves to dismantle and undermine where you haven’t been paying attention. And we at Cosmic Cowgirls first and foremost do trade in museness. Which means in the land of raw food green smoothies we also do trade in tequila/latte/cupcake taboo-ness.

Now, I know that addiction is a loaded topic. It’s a rare human who hasn’t had a personally heartbreaking encounter. And yet – and yet – there IS taboo territory in the taboo of addiction. Because there is a socially acceptable way we all beat ourselves up, where we are comfortable simply blaming the addiction instead of scratching deeper. There is a way we try to get more rigid, more black and white. Did I mention that the muse yawns extravagantly at your black and whites?

So my invitation for today is to actually ask yourself why. To ask yourself What Are You Reaching For? Really. Let’s do a little video interlude I created on on the topic shall we? Watch it HERE:

If we let go of the idea that we are lame and not enough, that our inability to stop is a personal failing, if we just drop that whole tangled web of self-hatred, then we have a chance to actually look.

Why are you reaching for the things that you are reaching for?

And of course it’s simple. Because we want to be happy. And we are hungry for the type of experience they provide. Whether it’s the zingy inspiration of coffee, the calming opening of the drink, the pause in time – the break of that smoke break. We want more connection.

I know it’s taboo to say, but I say you know whether your leans are addictions – if they are damaging. And if they are – what might open up in your life if you started to “supplement” with alternatives? If you’re prone to puffing, what if you gave yourself a whole day off? If you like to drink coffee until take-off, what if you start reaching for something that inspires your creativity in lieu or in addition to that second cup?  What if your treat was finding a writing/song/image by your favorite author/muscian/photographer instead of another sticky sweetness? What if you started to trust the reach, but let the muse help you re-interpret it when it’s not working?

This isn’t about complex chemical and sociological issues. This is about noticing you have a natural ability to self-regulate, to take care of yourself by reaching for the experiences that give you what you need.

What ARE you reaching for? What do your addictions say about what your soul wants more of?

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Today’s post was inspired by a fascinating and life-affirming article by Johann Hari on drugs and addiction.  That included the statement “The rats with good lives didn’t like the drugged water. They mostly shunned it, consuming less than a quarter of the drugs the isolated rats used. None of them died. While all the rats who were alone and unhappy became heavy users, none of the rats who had a happy environment did.” Find it HERE.

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Brimming with the quirky enthusiasm that prompted her nom de plume,  Jenafer Joy rides bareback at the center of a Creativity Revolution. Using every trick in (and out) of the book – vibrant paintings, whimsical writings, and an unwavering faith in every person’s innate intuitive genius – it is impossible to spend time in her presence and not fall in love with yourself, with the whispering of your muse and with Jena’s heartfelt and contagious love of the creative life. Jena has been in the healing & creative arts leading Inspired Inquiry courses since 2003. And she is still pinching herself at the luck of being at the helm of the Cosmic Cowgirl Community as one of its three directors since 2010. You can find links to everything she’s up to on her website www.jenaferjoy.com and can always find her paintings and a ridiculous pile up of journal pages on Facebook at The Art of Jenafer Joy.

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