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TinaGreeneConversations with Tina Greene always start like this. And they end like it, too – and the best part is, by the end, you actually believe it applies to you! There’s a cycle to her transformational work, and its about changing your perception of the muddy pond you may be mucking around in, struggling to breathe or break free, and instead pausing and looking deeply within to find what is worth learning, what can be useful.  When you can slow down and do that, everything shifts.

But, between here and there?
That’s a practice. 

Tina: “We have a choice of being a victim or being a seeker or a warrior or a grower… and I have every reason to be a victim and was a victim. I lived in that neighborhood for a long time. But, I went out now and again! 

Getting out of that space is when I was able to remember what a gift it is to be alive.


Answers by Tina Greene

Being present became so important to remembering that gift. When we’re surrounded by creation that is always changing, and when we allow that wisdom to speak to us – we’re part of it. We’re no different. There is something that connects us all that is bigger than the sum of its parts. So I turn to it for solace and guidance. I look at waves going in and out, and how my breath goes in and out, and how we go in and out of ourselves. 

This begins the process of honoring our own essence. It allows me to ask, “What is the part of me that is always growing?” I think of the acorn and the oak tree and am reminded that each of us came here with everything we need to be fully who we are. We don’t have to look outside to add things to make us worthy.”

Tina has been extending her arms out into the world with her Intentional Creativity classes, her Inspirational Speaking and her work in community. I asked her what it was like for her to be witnessed, to be seen and allow herself to share the gifts that were born of all that she has experienced during her own transformation. 


Glow Living by Tina Greene

“It started at the Great Work retreat, when I realized without intending or knowing I could do it, that I was a symbol of hope for people who had been through similar traumas. When I moved into the circle of women in Color of Woman training, it affirmed my ability to live through some of the worst things that can happen to any of us in this culture. To feel small and powerless in the world had brought me a depth of understanding and compassion I could share with others. 

They could see that if they don’t close off their own wisdom they can begin to understand they are not lost or broken. There is space for each and every one of us to come home to the truth of who we are. And when I get to share that message of truth with people and see a light spark in their eyes – I know I’m doing the work I came here to do.

Our community validated, honored and supported me in who I was, and they showed me that what they saw was valuable and needed.” 

Tina, do you find that teaching art is much the same process – that you can take people through the stages of not feeling good enough and into a place where they can take your classes and actually create art?

“Yes! Because it’s not about the end product. It’s genuinely understanding the courage it takes to do something new. For beginners, I give them tools to play with, a credit card, a hair roller, and just have them swish paint around. Then they see the swirl of gorgeous colors and the beauty of the present moment begins to open up for them!”

Every step leads us back to opening up to allow in what’s possible in this moment. Tina shared with us her signature practice for how we can reflect and become present, through her acronym of LOTUS


Look – within. Go first to your own self. Trust that you were born with everything you need to be fully who you are. 

Open – to your OWN wisdom and truth.

Trust – your voice, your truth – not anybody else’s truth. You have the guidance, the wisdom inside of you.  You were born with it. 

Understand Your Gifts – No matter how awful the experience is, if you stick with it, you will find wisdom there. When you find the wisdom, you can even be grateful for what happened.  I don’t pretend this is always easy.  However, I have found that if I am open to it, I can usually reframe my experience and discover how it has supported my growth.

Speak Your Truth – First to yourself and then to people where it is safe. Anchor yourself in your own vision, wisdom and truth, and speak from there. The more you practice, the easier it will become! 

That’s the Lotus Wisdom practice of bringing ourselves into the present moment. It can happen over a week or months, but it can also happen every time we have the minute to pause and feel our feet on the ground!

We are gifted with opportunities to stop more often than we realize. On a bus, at a traffic light, or just making coffee in the morning – take a LOTUS pause.  Breathe, drop into your heart space and receive all the blessings that are always around you.. 

Because, You Are Worthy.”

It was my pleasure to speak with Tina;  you can find out more about her Lotus Wisdom teachings and Present Moment Living at

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