Holidays, Cosmic Cowgirl Style


It’s that time of the year again.

No, not the holiday crazies, shopping crazies, or family crazies time of year. Yes, it is that time of year too, but the one we are talking about is different. Because, well, we are Cosmic Cowgirls and we do things differently.

We wear wild like a badge over our hearts.
We do community like it’s a blanket wrapping us up.

We create and create and create some more.
We love and yell and muse and eat chocolate.
We hold space like it includes the moon and the stars
which of course it does.

We are linked with a red thread blazing new trails
and connecting us to old ones.

We are addicted to insanely outrageous cowgirl boots.
We dance with abandon, sparkles, and huge laughter.
We are Cosmic and amazing and uniquely US.

So in this time of Solstice, new moons, ends of year, holiday breaks, holiday put-back-togethers, and beginnings of year, we send ‘round the red thread of Cosmic-ness to each and every one of you. Because, as Shiloh tells us, love truly is at the center of all our choices and where we choose to be is in red thread circle with you.

From all of us at Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine to all of you – have an outrageously wonderful holiday!


Cosmic Cowgirls like to do things differently in case you didn’t notice. While we love the regularity of holiday traditions we also like to mix things up and stir things up during this time – yes that means creating art, journaling, painting, making a vision board. Part of being Cosmic is a choice to be conscious – and we do that through choosing how we relate to this season!

My gift to you – ten fabulous ideas on how to create a meaningful holiday celebration!

Shiloh Sophia, Chief Laughing Cloud


While you’re working for peace, don’t forget to work for PLEASURE!

Happy holidays,


Amidst the fullness and weight of holiday commitments, obligations, and pleasures, my wish for you is a moment to bask in the beauty of you.  It can be hard to do sometimes, with all of the pull of wouldas, couldas and shouldas.  However, this holiday season, I hope you see your beauty, notice your charm, pull out your tenacity and cradle it.  I hope you know how truly magical you are.

With love,


During this time of (occasionally forced) jolly it is my wish that you take time to do exactly what feeds your soul. The phrase I stumbled upon for this part of year is “hope invented“. Because in all those moments we are not naturally buoyed up, it’s a call to pull back, shore up our boundaries and create hope for ourselves. Whether that’s art or eggnog I honor your choices!

Big Love,


happy 2015My Darling Cowgirls ~ Know that you are my dream come true – a gathering of women and girls who love, laugh, cry tears, create and play together; who reach out a hand to one another; who are from every walk of life and learn from each other’s differences and uniqueness and revel in their own.

You are the tribe and family of my heart and you ROCK! Wishing you a 2015 filled with love and tenderness; creativity and self-care; laughter and friendship; abundance and good health.

~ Stella Mac

Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends.  ~Virginia Woolf


From Michelle…

My Wish For You - Michelle Fairchild


Author: Annette Wagner

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  1. Thanks that was a good read while I drank some hot tea and just took a moment to breathe in and out in rotation!

    I have made the madness less but with a 5 month old grandbaby boy new to the family and two older sisters always wanting attention from my daughter and me… it is loud here sometimes – I remember my days with three small children and it makes me smile and be glad that it continues.

    I know that others will relate to that comment and this is the season to look back on the seasons we have already lived.

    Thanks you are a blessing to me today,

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